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First Advantage

1 Concourse Parkway #200
Atlanta, GA 30328
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Areas of Expertise Resident Screening & Resident Services
COVID-19 Services
First Advantage is readily available to support the Multifamily Industry through our touch free identity validation solution, RightID.RightID offers a seamless solution that allows an applicant, or multiple applicants, to easily validate their identification documents with a property specific custom text message or email. Everything is electronic and automated, occurring in seconds by matching something you have - government issued ID, with something you are - live facial recognition. This process can be completed without the need for human interaction and is smartphone/tablet enabled.
Detecting risk for your properties is First Advantage’s specialty, and we are here to support you and your communities.
We are providing RightID at No Cost through the end of April. We are happy to schedule a call to discuss your complimentary access and answer any questions. Email Mike at