2020 june awards

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2020 June Awards was held virtually this year via Zoom, and was presented by Interstate Restoration and RediCarpet  If you missed it you may click to watch it below:

NOTE: due to a little bit of editing, the time stamps won't directly corrolate with the video)

01:31:47 vickie: WHOOOOO HOOOOOOOO 

01:32:05 Chad - ParkM: Great job Liz!!!

01:32:07 Tina Luck: congratulations!

01:32:13 Teo Nicolais: CONGRATS, LIZ!!!!

01:32:16 lbodman: Congrats Liz!   You are so deserving!  Hugs my friend! Lorinda

01:32:24 Amy: The most deserving!!!

01:32:40 Tonya Santee Metal Works: congratulations woot woot

01:32:44 April Andrews: Cheers to you! Congratulations!

01:32:54 Megan Dyk: Congrats Liz!  Thank you for all your support (:

01:32:54 Mark Williams: Congratulations Liz!!  Way to go... Ambassadors!

01:32:55 Mike Holt: Great job LIZ

01:33:01 Lynett Brockman: CONGRATS Liz!  Rock On Capone!

01:33:18 vickie: Congratulations Jared!!!!!

01:33:19 Tonya Santee Metal Works: congratulations Jared 

01:33:19 Alyssa Schmitt: Congrats Liz!! :)

01:33:22 Jenn Henderson: Congrats Liz!

01:33:26 Teo Nicolais: Excellent work, Jared!

01:33:26 Tamera Greene: Congratulations Jared

01:33:27 April Allen I AASC: Way to go Jared!

01:33:28 April Andrews: Congratulations Jared!

01:33:29 Jenn Henderson: Congrats Jared!

01:33:43 Duke McLarty: Congrats Liz and Jared!

01:34:04 lbodman: Congratulations Jared!   Lorinda

01:34:06 Sabra Taylor: Congrats Liz & Jared ! 

01:34:10 Mike Holt: Well deserved. Jared

01:34:17 Mark Williams: Congratulations JARED!!  So well deserved!

01:34:29 Lynett Brockman: Congratulations Jared!!

01:34:33 Tonya Santee Metal Works: congratulations Zvi

01:34:35 Jenn Henderson: Congrats Zvi!

01:34:40 vickie: Congrats Zvi!!!!! 

01:34:41 Mark Williams: Congratulations Zvi!  So generous to RRF!

01:34:45 lbodman: Cheers Zvi!

01:34:45 April Andrews: Congratulations Zvi!!!

01:35:08 Lynett Brockman: Zvi - Thank you for being a great leader and example in our community!

01:35:36 vickie: Whoooo HOOOO 

01:36:14 Yvonne Lens: Hi Sharon!🤗

01:36:34 vickie: Congratulations Doug!

01:37:05 Mike Zoellner: Congrats and well deserved Doug!

01:37:11 April Andrews: Congratulations Doug!!! I am so excited for you! You are so deserving and a wonderful role model! You are truly inspiring!

01:37:25 Karen Gladney: Doug you are exceptional!  WOW!  Honored to know you!

01:37:26 Jenn Henderson: Congrats Doug!

01:37:39 BrendaGammie: Congratulations Doug, so proud to be part of your team!

01:37:44 Lynett Brockman: Congratulations Doug!  You've helped to shape this market!

01:37:45 Sabra Taylor: Congrats Doug ! 

01:37:46 Peggy Panzer: congratulations Doug - well deserved.  

01:37:57 MaureenQuarles: Congratulations!!

01:38:13 Patricia Hutchison: congratulations Doug!  Well deserved!

01:38:17 Tonya Santee Metal Works: congratulations Doug

01:38:27 lbodman: Congrats Doug! Cheers to you and thank you for all of your support of our industry and the association!  

01:39:24 Dori Brewer: Congrats...Doug!

01:39:30 Troy - Wyatts Towing: Congrats Doug!

01:39:44 Michelle Lyng: Congratulations Doug!

01:40:40 Mark Williams: Thanks Doug!  Well said!  Congratulations!!! 

01:41:13 vickie: OHHHHHH Jennifer so, so well deserved Congratulations!!!!!!

01:41:29 April Andrews: Woo Hoo! Congratulations Jennifer! Thank you for all you do!

01:41:41 Patricia Hutchison: Congratulations Jennifer!  You deserve this immensely! 

01:41:46 Jenn Henderson: Congrats Jennifer!

01:41:47 TJ Beaver: Congratulations Jennifer!

01:41:53 Mark Williams: Congratulations Jennifer!  So well deserved! 

01:41:59 alli.malliton@smartrent.com: Congats Jennifer

01:42:03 MaureenQuarles: Congratulations Jennifer!!

01:42:15 Sabra Taylor: Congrats Jennifer 

01:42:20 Karen Gladney: Hugs to you Jennifer!  You are a true class act and professional!


01:42:26 Parke Pettegrew: Way to go Jennifer!!

01:42:31 Jaymee Pulley: That's my fearless leader!  So proud of you!

01:42:35 Troy - Wyatts Towing: Congratulations Jennifer.  Well deserved!

01:42:36 Laura Nelson: Congrats, Jennifer!

01:42:49 Lynett Brockman: Congratulations Jennifer!  Thank you for your many contributions!

01:42:51 Peggy Panzer: Congratulations Jennifer!!


01:43:08 vickie: So well deserved, Congratulation Debbie!!!

01:43:16 April Andrews: Congratulations Debbie! Cheers to you!

01:43:21 Danette: Congratulations Debbie!!!! Well deserved 

01:43:35 Jenn Henderson: Congrats Debbie!

01:43:37 Paul Farrer: Yay DW!

01:43:38 Troy - Wyatts Towing: Thanks Debbie for all you do for the industry!  Congratulations!

01:43:42 Mark Williams: Congratulations Doug, Debbie, and Jennifer!!  You guys are icons in our industry... and all are such amazing people... and positive influence in the Denver area!

01:43:44 Sabra Taylor: Congrats Debbie

01:43:55 Peggy Panzer: Congratulations Debbie and thank you for all the work you've done for the association!

01:43:55 Tamera Greene: Congrats Debbie and Jennifer

01:44:05 Dori Brewer: Deb = Rockstar! Congrats!!

01:44:24 Kali Lanigan: Congratulations Debbie!!!! So proud of all your hard work! So, SO proud to be on your team! 

01:44:37 Duke McLarty: Debbie is the best. Congrats.

01:44:42 Karen Gladney: Cheers Debbie!  Congratulations!

01:44:47 Lynett Brockman: Debbie!  Our lives are better because of your contributions!  You're a ROCKSTAR!

01:44:54 Alexis Uhrich: Congratulations Debbie!  Well deserved!!

01:45:27 Nicole Hildebrand: Congrats Debbie, we appreciate all you efforts and supporting us landlords!!!  

01:45:30 Michelle Lyng: So well deserved Debbie! Congratulations!

01:45:42 Tonya Santee Metal Works: congratulations Debbie

01:45:50 Liz Wiler: Congratulations Hall of Famers….!!!!

01:45:52 Laura Nelson: Debbie you're Awesome!

01:45:57 Mark Williams: Great job Sharon!  A class act as always!!

01:46:37 Jenn Swanson: Congratulations EVERYONE - well deserved and thank you so much for all you do, we appreciate you all more than you know!

01:47:10 vickie: Love this presentation good jib 

01:48:02 elise.barber: ROCKY!

01:49:15 vickie: AWESOME!!!!  well said Dave

01:49:16 Mark Williams: Great video Christopher Dean!  Such an impressive line up of amazing people!!!

01:49:39 Denise Todd: Awesome video!!!

01:50:07 Liz Wiler: Drink

01:50:08 Liz Wiler: drink

01:50:10 Liz Wiler: drink

01:50:13 vickie: Great job this year Scott :-) loved serving on your board 

01:50:14 Liz Wiler: I did!!!

01:50:42 Laura Nelson: Thanks for your leadership and guidance Scott!

01:51:06 Lisa Ward-Mission Rock: Very nice presentation of the Hall of Famers!

01:52:08 Karen Gladney: Thank you for everything, Scott!  You are wonderful!

01:52:22 vickie: OMG I LOVE IT   Thank you Scott!!!!  I will wear mine proudly!!!!

01:52:33 Teo Nicolais: That's AWESOME!  :-)

01:52:34 Liz Wiler: Scott thanks so much for your leadership and helping us continue to encourage developing our next leaders.

01:52:47 Mark Williams: Great demo Scott!  or it can be displayed as a trophy on a bookcase...

01:52:56 lbodman: Thank you Scott for your leadership and dedication this year!   Great job!  Lorinda

01:53:22 April Andrews: Thank you for all you do Scott! You are so appreciated!

01:56:19 Christopher Dean: We really enjoyed going through all these great photos through the year - tears in my eyes as I was editing this!  MISSING SEEING ALL OF YOU!!

01:56:36 Tonya Santee Metal Works: love this

01:56:51 Teo Nicolais: Hear, hear!

01:56:51 Mark Williams: Thank You Committee Chair Leaders and Board of Directors!!! All of you make AAMD the best Association in the country!!!

01:57:14 vickie: THANK YOU MARK and Team! for all you guys do

01:57:23 Christopher Dean: In person events are coming back soon!!!  Just HANG ON!

01:57:29 Christopher Dean: “These things they take time…"

01:58:08 Betty Knecht: Golf is July 30!  We still have foursomes available!!!

01:59:20 Yvonne Lens: awesome!

01:59:20 April Allen I AASC: What an awesome tribute to what looks like an amazing year! Way to go AAMD, proud to be partners with you :)

01:59:29 vickie: Again amazing job Chris Dean

02:00:02 Mark Williams: ANother great video from the studio of Christopher Dean... illustrating once again how cool of a place AAMD is, and how SUPER COOL our Members are!!

02:00:03 lbodman: Thank you to all chairs , board members and the AAMD team!   You all made this a fantastic year!  

02:00:12 Dori Brewer: That was awesome... and Scott you have been an incredible leader! Thank you for serving our organization.

02:00:16 Sarah Wilcox: Chris, that was fantastic!  Thank you for putting together!

02:02:11 Mark Williams: Thanks Tschetter!  Appreciate everything you have done in the past decade!  Keep "kickin it!"

02:02:12 vickie: Rock on Mark!!!!!    YOU are truly a ROCK STAR!

02:02:16 Yvonne Lens: kick some ass Mark

02:02:21 Lynett Brockman: I would bet that Mark has spurs already...

02:03:34 vickie: So awesome 

02:04:07 lbodman: Congrats!!!   Can't wait to see you all in your hats! 

02:04:19 Mark Williams: Way to go Executive Committee!!!  

02:04:27 Laura Nelson: Great gift, you're a class act Scott!

02:05:18 megan.gebhardt: Whooo hooo Rebekah!!!!

02:05:31 Ryan Darnell/CARDINAL GROUP : Ya Rebekah!

02:05:45 Megan Dyk: That's quite a group of ROCKSTARS!

02:05:57 Christopher Dean: Great group of people!!

02:06:16 Mark Williams: Congrats All Person of the Year FINALISTS-- THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You are all so special and talented... and give so much to AAMD!  

02:06:42 Jenn Henderson: Congrats Peggy!

02:06:43 deborah wilson: Well deserved, Peggy!!!!!

02:06:45 Karen Gladney: You go girl!

02:06:45 Tamera Greene: Yay!!! Peggy. Thanks for your leadership

02:07:02 Parke Pettegrew: Way to go partner!!

02:07:06 April Andrews: Congratulations Peggy!!! So deserving! Thank you for all you do!

02:07:10 vickie: Amazing group of folks!!!!  Congrats Peggy!!!!!! so so so well deserved !!!!!!

02:07:11 April Allen I AASC: Congratulations Peggy!

02:07:27 Mark Williams: Thank you to ALL the Crisis Team Members!  You guys "crushed it out of the park"

02:07:28 Adam Berger: Congrats Peggy, well deserved!

02:07:30 Rebekah Fischer/Cardinal Group: SOOOOOO DESERVING PEGGY!!!  

02:07:31 Michelle Lyng: Peggy, congratulations! We are so lucky to work with you!

02:07:33 lbodman: Congrats all nominees !   You all are rockstars!   Congrats Peggy - so deserving!


02:07:48 Lynett Brockman: Thanks for making an amazing difference for our industry!  CONGRATULATIONS!!

02:07:59 Danette: Congratulations Peggy!!!! So well deserved....YOU Rock

02:08:00 Angela Fletcher: Congrats, Peggy - well deserved!

02:08:30 Mark Williams: Well said Peggy... such a class act!  BTW - Peggy is a two time winner of AAMD Person of the Year!  

02:08:33 JennyJorgensen: Woo Hoo Peggy!!!!!

02:08:44 Karen Gladney: Peggy, you are such a badass! HUGS!

02:08:45 Mark Williams: Where is the ear ring?

02:08:54 Tamera Greene: Love it, You are my heart!

02:09:01 Dori Brewer: Nice!! Great job Peggy on the task force and HOT, HOT today!!

02:09:03 Laura Nelson: Peggy you're a great leader!  Thank you!

02:09:17 Amie Robertshaw: Peggy, are you also only wearing one earring?! Nice throw back. ;) Congratulations! 

02:09:22 Lynett Brockman: It looks like Peggy is actually missing her left earring!

02:09:32 April Allen I AASC: Congratulations Peggy - very well deserved! 

02:09:33 Teo Nicolais: Love it!

02:09:46 Mark Williams: Earring gate lives on...

02:10:33 vickie: yesit does Mark

02:10:52 mike fiorillo: Congratulations to everyone.  I need to leave. Love you all!

02:11:24 Michelle Lyng: Thank you so much for all your hard work Lisa and Lynett!

02:11:28 deborah wilson: go Lynett!!!!!!!!!!!

02:12:26 lbodman: Wow Lynett, that is great! 

02:13:00 Mark Williams: Thanks Scott!  Excellent job all year long!  It went really fast (except March :-)

02:13:09 Lynett Brockman: Thanks to all for the team support with Resident Relief Fund effort!!

02:15:44 Peggy Panzer: Yes, one earring again.  This time intentional...

02:15:55 Mark Williams: Great Job Mike!  Well done!

02:17:26 Karen Gladney: AWESOME GROUP!

02:18:13 Amanda Cox- Timnath Trail PM: GO ADAM!!!

02:18:35 lbodman: Whooo hooo!  What a incredible group of folks! 

02:19:20 bmarquardt: Love you Janelle. Congrats!!  

02:19:47 swheeler: Congratulations Janelle! We love you! :) 

02:19:53 Lisa Ward-Mission Rock: Happy to know Janelle and be on her team!!  What a great example!

02:20:13 ajewett: Congrats Janelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

02:20:31 Denise Todd: Congrats Janelle - I'm proud to be on your team!

02:20:32 khussey: Janelle - we love you and are so lucky to work with you at Mission Rock!

02:20:34 Chris Masciotti: Congrats Janelle!


02:20:42 Karen Gladney: Excited for the year ahead with you Janelle!

02:21:02 Toni Moyes: Congratulations, Janelle! You are the true definition of inspiration.

02:21:05 Chris Masciotti: Well said Meredith!

02:21:16 April Allen I AASC: Congratulations Janelle! 

02:21:25 Amanda Cox- Timnath Trail PM: Perfectly said Meredith! So proud to work for and with Janelle!

02:21:26 Melissa Eisenhauer: I am so blessed to be a part of your team Janelle!  You inspire me every day.  

02:21:48 Angela Fletcher: Congrats, Janelle!

02:21:50 smaxson: So very blessed to call you my boss! I am proud of you, how deserving!! you ROCK!

02:21:59 lmumford@missionrockres.com: Janelle - You are AMAZING!

02:22:10 deborah wilson: What a beautiful introduction, Meredith! Nicely done!

02:22:13 Peggy Panzer: Thank you for your service Scott and congratulations Janelle!  We are in good hands once again.

02:22:14 Sandra Cook: Congradulations Janelle! 

02:22:15 JulieO: Congratulations Janelle!

02:22:15 vickie: Congrats Janelle we are SOOOOO lucky to have your guidance this year coming up...so very proud to be serving with you :-)   

02:22:26 Daniel Heap: Beautifully said.  I couldn't be more proud of you Janelle

02:22:28 Teo Nicolais: Congratulations, Janelle!!!!!

02:22:29 lbodman: Whoo hoo!  Janelle so excited for you!  

02:22:29 Nicole Hildebrand: Janelle you are such a roll model for all of us!   Hugs

02:22:29 deborah wilson: Congrats Janelle!  You are going to be great!!

02:22:39 Kassi Bartow: Congratulations, Janelle! 

02:22:47 Adam Sattley: Congrats Janelle! So happy to be on team Mission Rock!

02:22:47 Tonya Santee Metal Works: congratulations so well deserved

02:22:49 Laura Nelson: Congratulations Janelle!

02:22:51 smaxson: Amazing Meredith, that was awesome!

02:22:59 JennyJorgensen: Congratulations Janelle! 

02:23:10 Kali Lanigan: Congratulations Janelle!!! 

02:24:03 Troy - Wyatts Towing: So happy for you Janelle!  Excited to serve with you this next year.  Congratulations!

02:24:20 Theresa Quaratino: Congratulation Janelle!  So proud to be part of your team!

02:24:29 Lynett Brockman: We are blessed to have you Janelle as our new president!  Thanks for agreeing to lead in this way!

02:27:11 alli.malliton@smartrent.com: Congrats Janelle!!

02:27:34 elizabethwiler: So looking forward to #TeamJanelle

02:27:56 Lisa Ward-Mission Rock: YES!!! #lovewhereyouwork #missionrockres

02:28:03 megan.gebhardt: Spyglass Hill has a special place in many of our hearts!!!  Congrats Janelle!  You are very inspirational!

02:28:20 Arianna Gerdes: Janelle, you are the absolute greatest! We all love you and are so fortunate and grateful to be on your team at MRR, and AAMD is lucky to have you as a leader!

02:31:27 DAVID ROY: Congrats janelle!

02:31:28 Karen Gladney: Thank you!

02:31:50 deborah wilson: Nicely done, Janelle!  You made me tear up

02:31:56 Bryan Lonergan: Congrats All! Nicely done.

02:32:05 Tonya Santee Metal Works: so well said 

02:32:17 Megan Dyk: Nice Job - So excited for this next year!  Many thanks to Scott and the AAMD team as well (:

02:32:18 Parke Pettegrew: Looking forward to working for and with you! Well said and very motivational! Love the Kal Zeff story!!

02:32:21 vickie: Agreed very nicely done! 

02:32:28 elizabethwiler: Let’s roll up our sleeves and do this.

02:32:40 Dori Brewer: Fantastic message Janelle! Thank you and I look forward to working with you this year!

02:34:06 Lynett Brockman: Great event!  Thank you AAMD team!

02:34:09 garrett faillaci: Congratulations to all!

02:34:11 martabutler: Thank you so much!!

02:34:15 lmumford@missionrockres.com: Thank you AAMD!!!!!!

02:34:19 lbodman: Great job everyone!     

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All registration proceeds for 2020 June Awards went to charity.  We are continuing to take donations for the Resient Relief Foundation which helps Coloradans who are unable to afford their rent due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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