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As of early 2023, AAMD has discontinued offering paper forms.  Up-to-date Colorado leases are now offered online through the following platforms: 


NAA Click & Lease

Access to online forms at reasonable prices - including leases, security deposits, legal notices and more through NAA's Click & Lease software.

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  • CO Additional Special Provisions
  • CO Affordable Housing Addendum
  • CO Animal Addendum
  • CO Apartment Lease
  • CO Asbestos Addendum
  • CO Attorney Acknowledgement
  • CO Bed Bug Addendum
  • CO Boulder Required Lease Provisions
  • CO CAA NAA Document Packet Disclosure
  • CO Class Action Waiver Addendum
  • CO Clubhouse Licensed Space Addendum
  • CO Community Policies
  • CO Compliance Demand
  • CO Construction Addendum
  • CO Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Disclosure
  • CO Crime-Drug Free Housing Addendum
  • CO Demand for Rent or Possession (Tshetter Sulzer PC)
  • CO Denver Tenant Rights and Resources with Acknowledgment
  • CO Enclosed Garage Addendum
  • CO Federally Required Lead Renovation Information
  • CO Fort Collins Occupancy Limits Disclosure
  • CO Gas & Electric Utility
  • CO Guarantor Pre-Leasing Application
  • CO Intrusion Alarm Addendum
  • CO Inventory & Condition Form
  • CO Lead Based Paint Disclosures Rentals
  • CO Lease Contract Buy-Out Agreement
  • CO Lease Contract Guaranty
  • CO Liability Insurance Addendum
  • CO Medical Marijuana Addendum
  • CO Mixed Use Addendum
  • CO Mold Addendum
  • CO No Smoking Addendum
  • CO Notice of Intent to Move Out
  • CO Notice of Temporary Waiver of Late Fees
  • CO Notice Regarding Exclusive Use
  • CO Notice to Quit Substantial Violation
  • CO Package Acceptance
  • CO Parking Addendum
  • CO Payment Plan Agreement
  • CO Pest Control Addendum
  • CO Photo Release Addendum
  • CO Remote, Card & Code Acces Gate Addendum
  • CO Rent Concession Addendum
  • CO Rental Application
  • CO Roommate Amendment
  • CO Satellite Dish Addendum
  • CO Short-Term Lease Addendum
  • CO Short-Term Subletting (AirBnb)
  • CO Single Family Lease
  • CO Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • CO Student Housing Lease
  • CO Student Lease Contract Guaranty Agreement
  • CO Student Lease Guaranty Application and Agreement
  • CO Supplemental App for Affordable Housing Units
  • CO Support or Service Animal Addendum
  • CO Surety Bond Addendum
  • CO Sustainable Living Addendum
  • CO Utility Addendum
  • CO Verification of Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • CO Washer Dryer Addendum
  • CO 10 Day Demand for Rent or Possession
  • CO 30 Day Demand for Rent or Possession
  • CO Denver 10 Day Demand for Rent or Possession
  • CO Denver 30 Day Demand for Rent or Possession
  • NAA 2021 Lead Hazard Addendum
  • VAWA Certification of Domestic Violence HUD5382
  • VAWA Emergency Transfer Request HUD5383
  • VAWA Lease Addendum - HUD91067
  • VAWA Notification of Occupancy Rights HUD5380

Tenant Technologies

TenantTech was built from the ground up for property-management documents and is ideal whether you manage 10 rental homes, 10,000 apartments, or anything in between. More than just a way to access the official CAA forms, TenantTech offers many additional features to save you and your team time and money through one low monthly cost with no annual fee, and make your day-to-day tasks more efficient. 

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The Rental Forms Center offers the same forms as the TenantTech subscription system, except you can buy them individually with no further obligation. Through this option all forms are $3.99 each, except the Lease which is $7.99. Preview each form before purchase, add the forms you need to your shopping cart, then enter your credit card information to complete the purchase.

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