Local & State Advocacy

AAMD’s Joint Legislative Advisory Committee and Government Affairs Department advocates and promotes the multifamily rental housing industry at the federal, state and local level. Monitoring legislation within eighteen metro area cities and seven counties, AAMD strive to build healthy relationships with public officials, and, through consistent contact, educate them on issues that impact the multifamily housing industry.  

AAMD employs a Government Affairs staff and contracts for services with local and state lobbying firms. The activities of the Government Affairs Departments within AAMD, CAA, and NAA proactively inform and educate members on issues such as insurance, rental licensing, rent control, landlord-tenant legislation, warranty of habitability, taxes, and the cost of utilities.


This Mission is Accomplished Through:

  • Lobbying and educating public officials on a local, state and federal level
  • Supporting local, state, and national candidates that understand the multifamily rental housing industry
  • Creating and maintaining relationships with public officials and like-minded groups
  • Obtaining feedback about industry-wide issues from members
  • Holding educational seminars and updating members on changes to the law


What We've Worked On:

  • Tracked over 650 state legislative bills this session shielding our members through identifying and combating potential harmful legislation that could be detrimental to our industry and to your business
  • Worked in unison with multiple coalition forces to defeat proposed legislation such as Rent Control, Warranty of Habitability, Construction Defects, Civil Disabilities and Sheriff’s Fees
  • Taken the initiative to work on amending and defeating anti-business legislation at the state capitol through joining forces with the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry and the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce
  • Currently working through coalitions adds strength to our industry’s position at the Capitol
  • Obtained a substantially higher level of advocacy grassroots strategies on the local, state and federal levels to ensure our industry’s voice is heard loud and clear
  • Continuing to work and monitor several local issues pertaining to increased regulations and possible ordinances concerning conveyance, fire codes, smoke detector testing, trash and recycling and rezoning
  • Continuing to increase public relations and media relations to strengthen and highlight the image of our industry as a whole

Understanding the Legislative Process

It's our goal to have a political environment where our businesses can succeed.  We value input to ensure our input is clear to policy makers.  A basic understanding of the local legislative process is helpful for those businesses impacted by local governments.  

Please watch the video below for a basic overview: