Memorial Awards

The following are awards given to the individuals who exemplify the spirit of the person in which they are named.

Paul Noveshansky Diplomat Award


The Diplomat Award is in memory of Paul Noveshansky, a dear friend and valued member of the AAMD for over 30 years. Paul was a dedicated supporters of the Association and worked countless hours supporting Family Homestead and other charities in the Metro area. Paul served on the Board of Directors and chaired a variety of Committees while zealously supporting the challenges that our industry faced over the past there decades.

Paul never asked to be recognized and did all he could (with a glowing smile on his face) while chairing or serving on nearly ever committee in the Association. Paul will forever be remembered with the Diplomat Award and for his passion and commitment to the AAMD. 

Past Recipients:

  • Susan Lind (2010)
  • Wayne Baker (2011)
  • Mary Wessler (2012)
  • Megan Dyk (2013)
  • Christine Hatter (2014)
  • Terry Simone (2015)
  • Reed Rice (2016)
  • Troy Porras (2017)
  • Teo Nicolais (2018)
  • Dene Merrow (2019)
  • Jared Miller (2020)

Jack Luscombe "Pay It Forward"Award


Jack Luscombe will be remembered not only for being “Jack the Roofer”, but also for his generous heart. He always donated his AAMD Trade Show booth to charity and supported numerous other groups and people in need. He literally, in several instances, gave people the jacket off his back if he thought it would help.

Jack was a consummate fisherman and would always filet, de-bone, and quick freeze hundreds of pounds of fish every year that he would then personally deliver to the various food banks in the area. Jack was dedicated to the mindset of paying it forward to those in need. This award is a fitting recognition for others within our apartment association who share the generous spirit that Jack imbued so well. 

The recipient of this award will have demonstrated the generous spirit of Jack in any way, such as community service projects, specific ways they went above and beyond for the community, etc.

Past Recipients:

  • Cindy Marques (2010)
  • Chris Price, Yvonne Green & Linda Berry (2011)
  • Christina Steeg (2012)
  • Terrance Hunt (2013)
  • Heather Ruszka and
    Clair Bostick (2014)
  • Ali Dehry (2015)
  • Will Bailey (2016)
  • Maureen Morley (2017)
  • Les Jones (2018)
  • Lisa Odle (2019) 
  • Zvi Rudawsky (2020)