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Membership Dues are unique per unit type.  Click here to calculate your first year dues.

Owner / Management

For apartment owners or management companies.

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Multifamily Developer

For companies developing multifamily housing in Denver.

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Supplier Partner

For vendors who do work for the multifamily industry

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Membership Benefits

Join the sixth largest apartment association in the nation and get access to events, education, networking functions, information and more!


Access to attend and sponsor events and networking functions


Dozens of classes and certifications for all levels of property management


Publications, surveys, rental forms and online resources for your business


Our legislative efforts save the rental housing industry millions of dollars per year.

  • Legislative Advocacy at the state, local and national levels. Our legislative efforts save the rental housing industry millions of dollars every year
  • Legal Handbook - This book with over 225 pages and 32 easy to navigate sections is updated annually. It is a great resource for answering the day to day questions of property management.
  • Independent Rental Owners Council (IROC), a free monthly forum for owners with 250 units or less offers valuable education relating to property management, legal issues, industry trends and other timely topics to assist independent owners.
  • Education Opportunities with industry Specific Seminars including Fair Housing, Legal Updates, National Designations and more.
  • Residential Lease Form Center (click here for more information) Members with fewer than 50 units are able to access this standard Colorado Residential Lease as well as 30-Day and 10-Day Demand for Rent forms.  
  • Legal Rental Forms available through the NAA Click & Lease program at a reasonable price (click here for more information
  • Services including online credit criminal checks and discounts on various vendors and services.
  • Roundtables offer information sharing and discussions in a more intimate setting, both for senior level management and independent owners.
  • Mark of Excellence Awards where Metro Denver's rental housing community comes together to celebrate at Tributes. As a you become eligible for this exclusive award!
  • Online Career Center where you can post your open positions for managers, maintenance technicians, or other industry-specific positions.
  • Free Subscriptions to AAMD's Apartment Trends and NAA's Units magazines with industry news.
  • Valuable Survey Data to help you strategically position your organization. Discounted subscriptions for the nationally-recognized Vacancy & Rent Survey (published quarterly), the Construction Report (published quarterly) and Compensation Survey (published annually).
  • Membership Directory: Listing in the annual Directory and Resource Guide, your local guide to peers and products.
  • Access to our membership of owners, managers communities. Our membership currently consists of over 250,000 rental units.
  • Members Use Members - The owner members of the Apartment Association use other members’ services. Owners know that supplier members are supporting their industry. Telling owners you are a member gives you a leg up on your competition.
  • Special Events designed to offer a rewarding experience networking, education, information, fun, outreach and celebration opportunities that cumulatively draw over 10,000 people each year!
  • The Annual Trade Show and Education Conference is the largest multifamily housing trade show in the Rocky Mountain region. It is a one day show in May each year bringing our industry together.
  • Sponsorships and marketing opportunities are available for most events and functions, allowing companies valuable and distinctive exposure in front of the right target audience. Sponsorships come in many different shapes and sizes, creating the perfect image and message for your company’s budget
  • Suppliers Council is a monthly forum that offers meaningful strategies and tips for suppliers to help build sales growth. Learn from veteran members and meet new ones to help you navigate the AAMD
  • Membership Directory: Your company is listed in the annual Membership Directory and Buyer’s Guide, which is mailed to every property and owner company.
  • Online Directory: Your company has a basic listing in the Online Membership Directory (open to the public) with the option of an Enhanced listing for $365/year ($1/day)
  • Free Subscriptions to AAMD’s Apartment Trends and NAA’s Units magazines with industry news.
  • Advertising opportunities in our Buyers Guide, monthly magazines website.
TJ Beaver

"Everyone involved in the Apartment Association shares the same vision and has the same goal of working to better the multifamily industry.  That makes it so much easier to connect with the right customers and helps to make sure that our businesses will be around for a long time. "

TJ Beaver, CAS | Evolutionary Capital Improvement


How Much Are Dues?

Owner / Management Dues

Dues are based unit count and number of communities with more than 100 units.

Click here for Calculator to Estimate your dues

Base Dues:

  • < 25 Units:  $225
  • 25+ Units: $420
Community Dues:

$195/community over 100 units

Unit Dues: 
(# of units x $/unit)
  • 0-9 units: $8.85/unit
  • 10-24 units: $8.10/unit
  • 25-49 units: $7.60/unit
  • 50-124 units: $7.10/unit
  • 125-249 units: $6.85/unit
  • 250-499 units: $6.60/unit
  • 500-749 units: $6.35/unit
  • 750-999 units: $6.10/unit
  • 1000-1499 units: $5.85/unit
  • 1500-1999 units: $5.60/unit
  • 2000-2999 units: $5.35/unit
  • 3000-3999 units: $5.10/unit
  • 4000-4999 units: $5.00/unit
  • 5000-5999 units: $4.95/unit
  • 6000-6999 units: $4.90/unit
  • 7000-7999 units: $4.85/unit
  • 8000-8999 units: $4.80/unit
  • 9000-9999 units: $4.75/unit
  • 10,000+ units: $4.70/unit

If you are a developer and do not manage properties, you are eligible to join AAMD as a Developer for $225/year plus application fee.  

Supplier Partner Dues

Dues are based on number of people nationally employed with the company.

Click here for Calculator to estimate your dues

  • 1 employee: $275
  • 2-3 employees: $375 
  • 4-5 employees: $450 
  • 6-9 employees: $500 
  • 10-14 employees: $600
  • 15-24 employees: $625 
  • 25-49 employees: $675 
  • 50-100 employees: $725
  • 101+ employees: $775

*AAMD requires accurate reporting on employee count and regularly audits these figures

Amiee Duplessie

"The opportunity to network with people in my industry has been invaluable.  The diverse events that the AAMD provides are a great way to interact in a less formal environment and the education opportunities that the AAMD offers has been a wonderful supplement to our onsite training."

Amiee Duplessie  |  Regional Property Manager

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