Mary Oldenburg

Director Multifamily Operations & Property Mgmt

AAMD Hall of Fame


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Professional Bio

As two-time AAMD president, Mary's leadership directly led to major growth of AAMD's membership and created many initiatives and programs still in place today. She's been involved with AAMD for several decades, chairing nearly every committee at one time, and serving as the National Apartment Association's Region VIII Vice President.

She has always been a major supporter of Family Homestead, a charity that AAMD has supported for over 25 years.

Mary has received the Paul Noveshansky Award, as well as numerous Tributes awards including Most Outstanding Executive and Most Professional Regional Property Manager.


Parent: AAMD Hall of Fame

Photo of Mary Oldenburg


1999 Most Professional Property Manager Tribute Award

2012 Paul Noveshansky Diplomat Award

2018 Most Outstanding Executive Tribute Award