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I have been a member of the AAMD for over 25 years as a property manager and now as a supplier. I spent 30 years working onsite and being a part of the Colorado Springs Apartment Association and the Apartment Association of Metro Denver. Having a background in property management and now as a supplier, I am knowledgeable about both sides of this industry and can truly be an asset to the Supplier Council. I love to help our new suppliers find their way through the waters of property management so they can be confident and successful. Successful members equals a successful association.

I serve on the Education Advisory Committee, Maintenance Mania Committee, Trade Show Committee, Suppliers Council, and the AAMD Board. My passion for the AAMD is the education classes. I believe you are never too seasoned or too old to learn something new. I pride myself on having the opportunities to teach such courses as the CAM courses, CALP courses, Leasing Bootcamp, and the ABC’S of NOI. It keeps me on the pulse of my property management industry and helps me stay in tune with my customers.

As the owner of Santee Metal Works and being a small business, our reputation is everything. Hence why we stand by our motto of “Quality is our First Priority” and we mean this in every sense. Our business was created to serve others and give them the feeling that they are working with friends who have their best interests at heart. The AAMD affords me the opportunity to work with industry professionals at all levels and stay with my roots, Property Management.


Parent: Santee Metal Works, LLC

8680 West Euclid Place Littleton, CO 80123


Photo of Tonya Storovich

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