Maintenance Olympics 2018

Celebrating Maintenance Professionals

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018
National Western Complex
4655 Humboldt St.
Denver, CO 80216
* Registration open until 4/6/18 at 12:00 AM (MDT)

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SESSION 1: 8:00-9:15am


Travis Sorensen, Hard Core Electric, Inc.
You will learn basic and practical troubleshooting techniques etc during this course. This class will help you know when you can fix something yourself and when it is time to call in an electrician.

Managing Large Projects

Troy Boyd, Inland Residential & Corey Chyr, Redpeak
& Jeff Harmon, Legacy Partners
In today’s environment, many communities are undergoing large renovations in order to compete with some of the new build communities. Come learn from industry experts on how to best manage these large projects. There are a lot of moving pieces to maintain.


Appliance Repair

Kevin Terry, General Electric
The class will touch on the topics of how a refrigerator operates, how to keep it operating efficiently, the most common repairable problems, and the economic lifespan of refrigerators. It is a good class for beginning techs to learn and more experienced techs to refresh their knowledge.

Managing Your Calendar and Using Excel for Maintenance

Kristie Littleton, ConAm, Colorado
Learn the basic functions of Microsoft Excel that you will use as a maintenance professional, including sorting functions, basic formulas, and worksheets for your expense control.



SESSION 2: 9:30-10:30am

HVAC - Troubleshooting (9:30 - 11:45am)

Troy Meyer, HD Supply


Odor Remediation

Mark Moore, All Phase Restoration
An overview of removing odors including cleaning, air washing, fogging, sealing, safety and more.


Appliance Repair

Kevin Terry, General Electric
See description in Session 1

Career Path (Panel)

Mike Holt, Legacy Partners, Chris Beno, ConAm, Colorado
& Chris Price, Milestone
Being a Maintenance Professional is, in fact, a career. It is much more than a job. There are several executives in this market alone that made their debut in the multifamily industry on the service side. Come hear from a few individuals how they have made this profession a career. They will tell you their story and give you advice on what you can do to get there yourself!


The Business of Maintenance

Instructor TBA
It is important to understand that what you do and what you bring to the table is so much more than just Maintenance related service requests. Everything you do effects the overall success of your community. You contribute to resident retention. You contribute to the overall Net Operating Income -NOI of your community. Your job is much more than unclogging a toilet.


SESSION 3: 10:45-11:45am

HVAC - Troubleshooting (continued)

Troy Meyer, HD Supply


Basic Pool Water Chemistry

Craig Swegle, The Pool Doctor
Learn how to reduce repairs and how not to blow your budgets. You will learn proper sanitation techniques and water balance.


Appliance Repair

Kevin Terry, General Electric
See description in Session 1


Motivated to Go Beyond Title (Panel)

Judy Houchins, Legacy & Lannon Quintana, Cardinal
& Parke Pettegrew, Milestone

The Maintenance Professional is very important to each individual community and to the Management Company. It is important to understand this is much more than a job. We are providing one of the most important, personal things for our residents… Housing. As a Maintenance Professional, it is important to understand you are maintaining this 1.3 million dollar asset that is the home for 100s of people. Sometimes, you are required to do things that may fall outside of your job description or title. It does not go unnoticed. Learn from Industry leaders what they look for when they are looking to promote within their own company.


Customer Service for Maintenance

Alanea Winn, Hardy Mfg
Sound credible to everyone and get them to listen to you! Costumer service is about keeping the customer happy. Turn their anger around in five seconds and learn tricks that will help you think on your feet and never wonder what to say next.

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