Plumbing 101: Pipes, Fittings, and Clean-Outs

What can go wrong and how to make simple repairs

Tuesday, February 6, 2024
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM (MST)
Category: HOME Room

Plumbing Maintenance & Repair
Pipes, Fittings, and Clean-outs

Pipes can break, drains can plug, and valves can leak. When trouble arises, quick and quality repairs are crucial—the plumbing system must work properly, both for convenience and the health of the community’s residents.

Pipes are the arteries and veins of the plumbing system, carrying fresh, clean water to residents—and taking away wastewater and material. Fittings are the metal or plastic pieces that hold sections of pipe together.

In your role as a maintenance technician, you’ll need to know about the pipes behind the walls of your apartment community. In particular, you’ll need to know what can go wrong with them, and how to make a few simple repairs. This class will teach you the essential components of pipes, fittings and cleanouts and how they impact your role as a maintenance professional.




High energy, fun and hands-on! This new training space was built for maintenance professionals BY maintenance professionals. The HOME Room is state of the art but allows maintenance teams to get their hands dirty by not only learning how to fix something but by truly fixing it in the classroom setting.

The HOME Room is nothing like a typical classroom environment. Yes, there are tables, chairs and a screen for a PowerPoint, but this space offers flexibility and encourages students to get up, move around and dive into the equipment they have at their fingertips.



  • Class Pass Holder | FREE
  • Early Bird Pricing | $49 per person 
  • General Admission | $59 per person 
  • Non-member Admisson | $79 per person 

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