Supplier Success: Make the Most of Your Tradeshow

Successful Supplier Service & Sales Skills for the 2022 Tradeshow

Tuesday, March 29, 2022
9:30 AM - 12:00 PM (MDT)
63 Seats Remaining
63 Seats Remaining
Category: Supplier Partners


Successful Supplier Service & Sales Skills & How to Make The Most of Your Tradeshow

How we interact with clients and potential customers has changed. COVID and new technology have brought new ways of thinking when it comes to trade shows and networking. With the AAMD Trade Show right around the corner, join us for this session so you're prepared for:

  • What to expect as an exhibitor in the new age of trade shows
  • Giveaways - what works, what doesn't, and what you need to know
  • Pre-show planning and why it matters
  • Learn what to do and not to do in your booth
  • Post-show - why your follow-up could make or break you
  • How to make a connection without being high-touch
  • The best way to handle raffle prizes and drawings at a trade show

So you’ve met them at the trade show…now what?

In order to become more successful at selling to multifamily, we will go over follow up techniques and some tools to help navigate the sales process AND provide exemplary service to your customer before, during and after the sale! Come learn:

  • How economic conditions can impact purchasing decisions
  • Understand revenue management and how pricing and lease management affect a property’s financial performance
  • What are the different subgroups within multifamily and how to find your target market
  • How do companies measure success and why does that matter to you?
  • What you can do to provide an added value to residents and how that improves your position with owners & management companies
  • What customer service issues can make or break your business?
  • Where does sales stop, and service begin?
63 Seats Remaining
63 Seats Remaining

Purchase a Tradeshow booth before March 29th and receive a FREE ticket to this Tradeshow Edcuation Seminar lead by Russ Webb!

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This is the largest Multifamily industry event in the region and we antipcate the largest turnout since 2019! We have plenty of resources to help you make your mark at this years Tradeshow!