Leadership Series

Many people view Management and Leadership as the same action, and although there are some overlaps in duties, the two have drastically different effects on the people we work with, and products we deliver to our customers. The two are alike only because Effective Leadership requires finely tuned Management skills: management of energy, awareness, and focus. The best leaders give thoughtful and consistent attention to People, the Process, and the end Product.

 In partnership with Brignac Consulting, AAMD is excited to offer the NEW AAMD Leadership Series. This series includes 5 leadership based seminars that will provide students with a complete understanding of leadership and the principles and ideas that are required to create effective leaders within your organization. Each series module is $49 per student, per class. Join us for the AAMD Leadership Series and begin your path to becoming an effective and successful leader! 

Leadership Series Includes:

Leadership Principles

The performance of any company and its people is directly connected to the effectiveness of its leaders and the skills they possess. And while each of us is naturally gifted with characteristics that can make us good at managing others, becoming an Effective Leader, often requires that we dedicate ourselves to learning and practicing certain Leadership Principles. 

No matter our age, how we see ourselves, or what role or position we fill, by practicing these leadership principles, we can coach, motivate, and inspire our followers to reach their personal and organizational goals.

Customer Service 101

All business is a people business. And no matter what business we’re in, people help determine our professional success and effectiveness. In the multi-family rental housing industry, everything from occupancy rates to NOI is connected to how well we manage relationships with the people we encounter—both internally, and externally. Providing exceptional customer service can be the difference between an excellent apartment community or organization, and one that is just average. This training is great for new hires, and for those who want to build more skills in delivering good, quality customer service.

Leadership Communication

Leadership is basically an act of communication, and the best and most effective leaders, know how to communicate effectively, to build trust, increase productivity, and create enthusiasm within their teams. This training will help leaders explore their own communication style, and build skills to align their personal style with best practices in Effective Leadership Communication.

Coaching 101

Coaching employees is about making a commitment, as a leader, to an employee’s professional and personal growth. It’s about giving followers the tools they need to be successful, instead of just giving them tasks, or correcting their mistakes.

Leaders, who are effective coaches, focus on the team members’ learning, and encourage them to think critically about their responsibilities—they focus more attention on the person, and the process, than they do on the final product. A good coach prepares employees for promotion, and for what the company or organization will need in the future. This training will guide leaders in developing a strategy for coaching employees in any role, or at any level of professional development.

Building and Maintaining Productive Teams

 Building cohesive and productive teams requires that leaders focus on everything from strategic hiring practices to managing group conflicts. Research on group dynamics identifies several essential elements needed to create teams that consistently produce results, and have a positive impact on each team member. This training will give leaders the technical and practical knowledge they need to ensure that their teams get the job done, and enjoy the process as individuals. 

Instructor Spotlight

Corey Jones
Learning and Development Specialist 
Brignac Consulting, LLC. 

Corey has been nationally recognized as a learning and development professional, with over 15 years experience in educating youth and adults in personal and organizational development, social-emotional learning, and soft-skills acquisition.

Corey brings his extensive experience working in the private, public and non-profit sectors, and with using alternative and unconventional facilitation approaches to achieve client goals to the AAMD classroom. He is described as being dynamic and using an engaging presentation style that facilitates rapport-building with
individuals from varied perspectives and professional roles.

Beyond the classroom, Corey is also skilled in assessing clients’ true needs, developing training and programs targeted at creating sustainable solutions, and supporting clients through all stages of personal and organizational change. Corey has a proven commitment to helping propel clients to individual and organizational growth.