AAMD Board of Directors Election Results Announced


Congratulations to our new AAMD Board members recently elected by the membership. Each of the elected industry leaders will serve a two-year voting term on the Association’s Board of Directors.

Jared Miller, Tamara Greene and Amy Lassers are newly elected Owner/Management Directors. Jared Miller has been reelected and will become AAMD Treasurer for FY22.
Additionally, DJ Longo has been appointed to serve as Vice President for FY22 due to a resignation of current IROC Chair and VP elect who has taken on a new time-consuming project.

Pete Muccio and Jenny Jorgenson are newly elected Supplier Directors.

Also elected to the AAMD board via last year’s Council elections are:

  • Terry Simone, Four Mile Capital
    Joint Legislative Advisory Council (JLAC)

  • Lori Snider, RedPeak
    Education Advisory Council (EAC)

  • Adam Sattley, Mission Rock Residential
    Networking Council

  • Jennifer Minty, CoinTech
    Suppliers Council

  • Danette Barrett, Aviva Properties, LLC
    Independent Rental Owner Council (IROC)

In addition our Council Chair Elects will hold a one year non-voting term on the Board as they prepare to lead their respective council next year:

  • Bobby Hutchison. RedPeak
    Joint Legislative Advisory Council (JLAC)

  • Anissa Faus, Mission Rock Residential
    Education Advisory Council (EAC):

  • Tonya Storavich, Santee Metal Works
    Suppliers Council

On behalf of the Nomination task force and the AAMD staff, we’d like to thank all of the candidates in this year’s election for being a part of this important process.