Congratulations 2019 Person of the Year Finalists

Posted By: Christopher Dean Association ,

Each year the Apartment Association recognizes someone as the “Person of the Year.” The following seven finalists for the award were announced at the 2019 Education Conference. Here is a brief overview of the finalists. The Person of the Month will be announced and recognized at June Awards on June 20.

Chad Craven  |  ParkM

Chad continues to volunteer countless hours to Networking Council and the Career Initiative Committee (CIC).  He has played an integral role in the creation and execution of the Maintenance Apprenticeship Program (MAP) by being the keynote speaker at all the graduations which has been motivating for the students entering the industry.


Angie Fletcher  |  Denver Housing Authority

Angie chaired the inaugural year of the Affordable Housing committee and orchestrated an roundtable for her peers, creating new partnerships with other affordable programs.  Angie is not hesitant to join in.   She was part of an educational panel for both the suppliers council and the tradeshow. She and the Denver Housing Authority team have increased their participation and  support all of AAMD events this past year.


Dave Janecek  |  RediCarpet

Dave is always very supportive of AAMD’s events and programs, being involved in the Chili Cook off, the Maintenance Olympics, June Awards, Trade Show, the Charity Bowling event, and Tributes this past year.  Dave and the Redi Carpet team are always front and center at AAMD showing how much fun the Apartment Industry is here in Denver.


Teo Nicolas  |  Nicolais LLC

Teo does so many things for the organization and the apartment industry. Teo is a leader with the AAMD Alliance and the Joint Legislative Advisory Council (JLAC).  He served also on the rent control war cabinet and long range committee for government affairs. Teo also emcee’d both Economic Conferences and provided excellent industry insight and entertaining color at these events. Teo continues to teach classes and engage with IROC at the highest level.

Troy Porras  |  Wyatts Towing

Troy is a great supporter of AAMD with his company being represented in some capacity at every single event, including presenting sponsor of Trade Show, Tributes, and Business to Business. Troy sits on multiple committees,including the Executive Committee this year and is a strong supporter of the AAMD Alliance. He engages his employees and encourages them to be active in volunteering their time for our industry. 

Debbie Wilson  |  Springman Braden Wilson Pontius, P.C.

Debbie has a diverse body of work supporting the organization this year.  She served on the rent control war cabinet, she is a contributor to the AAMD Alliance, and a big part of our strategies at JLAC.  As one of the great legal experts in our industry, Debbi also continues to teach classes for the association. Debbie’s bronze scope of leadership and contributions to AAMD and CAA are greatly appreciated. 

Mark Windhager  |  Redpeak

Mark lead the Association through perhaps it’s most challenging year ever featuring  several pieces of difficult legislation, including rent control. Mark with his leadership created a rent control War Cabinet which helped rally industry experts to provide testimony against the bill at the Capitol resulting in successful defeat (non vote) of the legislation.  Additionally, Mark helped to build new and improved communication through our new PR firm, increasing the power of our message.