Meet the Person of the Year Finalists

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Each year the Apartment Association recognizes someone as the "Person of the Year." Here is a brief look at the finalists for this award.

The Person of the Year will be recognized at June Awards on June 27. Register today!

TJ Beaver

Evolutionary Capital Improvements 

TJ Beaver emerges as a standout contender for The AAMD Person of the Year award. His visionary leadership elevated the Ambassador program to unprecedented heights, fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation. Tasking the committee with overseeing AAMD's new member orientations, he ensured a seamless integration process. 
TJ's crowning achievement lies in the creation and delivery of the Keys to Supplier Success class, equipping industry players with invaluable tools for success. His selfless dedication extends beyond obligation, as he personally mentors suppliers, driving their success through AAMD. 
TJ Beaver epitomizes excellence and service in Multi-Family, a beacon of inspiration for the AAMD community.

Bob Donahue

AMLI Residential

Bob Donahue is a champion of professionally paying it forward. His passion for the benefits of association involvement is unmatched. He lights up when he has the opportunity to share examples of his leaders investing in his development, both personally and professionally, and wholeheartedly encourages the AAMD leadership to do the same for their on-site teams. He has also proven his association passion through writing multiple trends articles, teaching classes, and being one of AAMD’s most consistently reliable volunteers. You will never hear him say “that’s not my job,” and he truly would never ask something of his team that he wouldn’t be willing to do himself.

Erica Sanchez

Cardinal Group

Erica Sanchez, Regional Vice President at Cardinal Group has made a difference in the laws that impact us all.  Erica was the Association’s most prolific testifier in Colorado House and Senate Committee Hearings this year.  She  made committee presentations on four different bills. Erica led our advocacy team in Washington DC, presenting to Colorado's elected Senators and Representatives. She is a prolific contributor to Trends Magazine.  She Chaired both the 2024 Education Conference & Trade Show and TechCon Committees, producing two record-breaking events. Erica is currently Chairing the Golf Committee. During the last two years in AAMD Leadership she has generated a staggering 5,692 LEAP points, demonstrating high levels of participation, engagement, and dedication.

Mark Tschetter

Tschetter Sulzer

Mark Tschetter spent the the better part of 2023-2024 reimagining and rewriting the entire CAA Legal Handbook - resulting in an all new resource benefit for our members!  The time he spent rewriting this resource was time spent away from his work and family, and was offered to AAMD as volunteer hours.
The book has twice the amount of content and now three times as large with the addition of relevant landlord-tenant statutes.  
This rewrite couldn't have come at a better time - with the industry seeing significant changes to rental housing operation the past three years.  
Mark and his team at Tschetter Sulzer are strong supporters of AAMD in offering their expertise in teaching classes and Coffee with the Lawyers webinars and through serving on the CAA and AAMD Board of Directors. 

Rocky Sundling

Greystar Real Estate Partners

Rocky Sundling has once again earned his place among the finalists for AAMD's Person of the Year, showcasing exceptional volunteerism and leadership.  Rocky touches all aspects of AAMD, including Education, Legislation, Governance and so much more.  He continues to teach the CAPS Program.  He also currently Chairs the NAA Political Action Committee. His impactful advocacy at the State capitol, including vocal testimony before Committees, highlights his unwavering commitment to advancing industry interests. Rocky's influential roles as Chair of the Joint Legislative Advisory Council, active participation in the CAA Board, AAMD Board, and the AAMD Nomination Task Force- emphasize his significant impact toward advancing the Apartment Association. His tireless energy, boundless passion, humility & modesty, and his remarkable contributions make him a truly invaluable asset for AAMD.

Tonya Storovich

Santee Metal Works

Tonya continues to give back to the industry and AAMD through her volunteer hours, political support, committee participation, and in-kind donations to elevate events. Tonya taught more than 10 classes this year and is an active member of the learning and development task force to help recruit and train new volunteer facilitators for the association. She is an active member of the Education Advisory Council, Ambassadors, On-Site Engagement, Maintenance Mania and Education Conference and Trade Show committees. She also led this year’s Supplier’s Council holding the Chair position for the second year in a row and launched an all new format. To top all of that off, she had her company build and donate a custom race car track for the Maintenance Mania which would not have been available to the attendees without her. Tonya’s tireless dedication continues to positively impact AAMD and it’s members.