Month of June Covers Through the Years

From the Archives,

JUNE 1974

We like to poke fun at some of the older issues of our magazine, and couldn’t resist a look back at the this executive caught dozing off and the quintessential 70’s outfit on this groovy AAMD Member playing foosball.

There was no reference to who our cover gents were in the issue, but we’re pretty sure Rik Fulscher, then CAA President, was our foosball player. The event was “Formula 74” - the fifth annual Trade Show.

The first person to accurately ID our napping exec will win a $25 Starbucks gift card. He might have missed his coffee that morning, but you won’t! Email your answer to Chris at

It's also worth noting that this was the first, and last, issue to include the Table of Contents on the cover instead of on page 1, where the poem "Ode to an Architect" appeared instead.

JUNE 1980

“Here today, gone to Maui!” was the slogan promoting an “educational” conference and 7 Day “Study Vacation” to Maui in the Summer of 1980. The entire trip and conference was offered for just $600 and earned 10 CAM credits. Topics included: Rehab or Not, Easier Evictions, Considering buying or selling, Condo conversions, and more. And of course we see another one of the famous illustrations on the cover… but this wasn’t all fun and games- the June 1980 issue was chock full of industry content. 

JUNE 1991

Automating rent payments with Electronic Funds Transfer was the cover story in June of 1991. The article focused on the customer service and accounts receivable benefits of paying rent via EFT, but the 1990’s were critical for the apartment industry in terms of starting to utilize technology and automation. As apartment business software became more available and widely used, the
industry as a whole began advancing itself and enjoying more operating efficiencies.

JUNE 2020

Milestones, AAMD's Annual Report, has been published in Trends every June or July since 2013. The June 2020 cover illustrated the Annual Report in conjunction with the virtual experience we all learned to deal with in the Spring and Summer of 2020. While Milestones generally includes 8-12 pages of
summary highlights of the entire fiscal year, 2020's edition included all of the new programs created in response to the pandemicand highlighted the newest members ofthe AAMD Hall of Fame: Doug Andrews, Jennifer Nessett and Debbie Wilson.