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Push Pedal Pull Exercise

Push Pedal Pull Exercise

9580 West 11th Avenue
Lakewood, CO 80215
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Gloria Cornyn Senior Account Representative
Abby York
Tyler Pedersen
Tyler Pederson
 AAMD Logo Supplier Partner

Areas of Expertise
Fitness Equipment, Fitness Sales & Services
COVID-19 Services
At Push Pedal Pull, we are excited to partner with Clearstream® Technology to help gyms and businesses of all types re-open a sanitized facility. We can keep you, your customers, and your staff feeling safe through this unprecedented time. Clearstream® Technology's Penetrexx product uses an active antimicrobial barrier that chemically bonds to all treated surfaces for long-term protection as a bacteria-static finish from a broad spectrum of microorganisms.

The CDC recommends that COVID-19 disinfection protocols use products that have either been tested on surrogate coronaviruses or have shown efficacy against common enveloped viruses. Penetrexx has been independently tested at Ohio State University and at an accredited independent laboratory in Texas. Testing at Ohio State University showed that Penetrexx reduced Porcine coronavirus (surrogate for COVID-19) by 99.999%.