Real Floors, Inc.

4655 Geneva Street Denver, CO 80238


Supplier Partner

Member Since: 1999

Photo of Real Floors, Inc.
Photo of Real Floors, Inc.


Joe Jimenez Jr.

Accounts Payable Arbor Carpet


Addison Baca

Addison Kanon

Andrew Muck

Property Manager

Brian Field

Britten Hale


Christine Battistoni

David Drange

Account Manager

Dionne Timken

Dustin Owens

Jessica McConnell

Regional Vice President

Joe Savarino

Jon Butters

Account Manager

Karla Rodriguez

Keegan Hoffman

Lacey Knudsen

Lauren Butters

Luke Hutchins

Account Manager

Lyn Jacobs

Executive VP of Sales

Matt Gilbreth


Miguel Gonzalez

Account Manager

Mikaela Hill

Mike Molina

Reed Rice

Senior Account Manager

Steve Christensen

Account Manager

Tiffany Garofallou

Sales Support Manager

Tom Battistoni

Account Manager

Areas of Expertise

Carpet, Carpet (Sales & Installation), Floor Coverings, Flooring