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Santee Metal Works, LLC

8680 West Euclid Place
Littleton, CO 80123
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Areas of Expertise
Fencing, Pool Fencing, Stair Replacement and Repairs, Welding - Gate, Fence, & Railings
COVID-19 Services
With nearly all your residents being home and limited staffing, we can help. We want to keep your community safe for you, your residents and your customers. We are your mobile welding company.

Here is a small list of things we can help you with.
• Entry gate repairs (broken hinges, slamming too hard)
• Concrete stairs failing – we can replace them (weld into place or bolt your choice)
• Handrails, guardrails, and stair rails (broken, wobbly, detached)
• Stair Stringers minor repairs and major repairs

We want to make sure your community is safe and sound. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for any safety concerns that you might have that are not listed here. We follow all COVID-19 safety regulations and look forward to keeping you safe and secure. We can be reached at 303-717-7307 or