Serina Schenker

Owner / Managing Partner

Envirospec, LLC

Supplier Partner

Professional Bio

EnviroSpec is an environmental consulting firm specializing in methamphetamine, asbestos, mold, and lead based paint inspections. We are a small business offering competitive pricing but best of all great customer service.

It is important that our client understands why we are a necessary part of home renovations, remodels, remediation after a flood or a fire. State law regulations require inspections and testing and our goal is to be sure those regulations are met so our client does not risk a fine or additional costs on their project.

EnviroSpec works with remediation companies, property management companies, abatement companies, other consulting firms, government agencies, commercial, or residential.

If your concerned about mold in your home, or your renovating, or dealing with a fire or flood and an asbestos test is required, or moving into a home and you want to feel good knowing it is clean of methamphetamine, please call us. We are happy to answer your questions! Serina 303-800-8187 or Mike 303-880-5716


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