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Lakewood Plumbing & Heating is a full line Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Company who has been in business for 42+ years. We have 24/7 Dispatch Service for your needs.

Our Plumbing Dept includes;

Minor repairs on Toilets, Pipe Leaks and Drinking Fountains, We repair all water piping, drain/vent piping, We provide Drain Cleaning, High Pressure Jetting, along with Camera and Locating. We do BFP backflow prevention assemblies, installations and the Required Annual Certifications. We can fix a small section of pipe or can re-pipe your entire plumbing system..We do all plumbing repairs.

Our Utilities Dept includes;

Fire Lines, Hydrants, Manholes ( Sewer or Storm ), meter pits, Water and Sewer Underground repairs, saw cutting, boring, excavators with supporting trucking, concrete / asphalt resources.

Our HVAC Dept includes;

Boilers, Hydronics, Forced Air Furnaces and Air Conditioning, we furnish and install Roof Tops, work on chillers and Refrigeration. We furnish and install Mini Splits and do all HVAC Repairs

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