Victor Sanchez

Emmy winner, BA in Arts and Science UNC, Technical degree in lighting NESOP, Producing and Directing Degree Colorado Film School.

Visual Artist - Photography and Video Production

imADgine Studios by Victor Sanchez

Supplier Partner

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Professional Bio

imADgine Studios specializes and helps medium to large sized multi-family management companies in crafting dynamic film and photography based advertising solutions. Attention to detail, a collaborative approach and a creative eye lead to inspiring visual end products that touch, move and inspire customers across industries.


Parent: imADgine Studios by Victor Sanchez

10440 West Glennon Drive Lakewood, CO 80226


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UNC, NESOP, Colorado Film School. 2005,2011,2015

Psychology in Advertising, Lighting, ProducingFilm


2016 Emmy in Lighting

Volunteer Work

Lots... Each year we volunteer lots of time to help others grow.