Yardi Systems, Inc.

430 South Fairview Avenue Goleta, CA 93117


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Member Since: 2006

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Organization Overview

Yardi® develops and supports industry-leading real estate management software for all types and sizes of companies. Yardi offers two SaaS platforms, Yardi® Breeze to serve small to mid-size companies and Yardi Voyager® to serve property owners, managers and investors with medium to large portfolios. Yardi delivers products that support marketing, leasing, operations, accounting, asset management, maintenance, procurement, energy, market research and more – all in a single connected solution.

Visit yardi.com to get your real estate questions answered.
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Kalli Merlo

Event Planner, Marketing

Adrian Lockhart

Andrew Hunt

Connor Huebsch

John Fuksa

Regional Manager, Commercial Sales

John Limburg

Breeze Sales

Megan O'Meara

Affordable Housing Sales

Melissa Fernandez

Matrix Sales

Nick Pampinella

Nicole Perez

Residential Sales

Rhea Morales

Regional Account Executive

Areas of Expertise

Property Management Software, Technology