Membership Dues

Total Units*
Number of Communities (Over 100 Units)*
Optional Contribution for Political Purposes

Please consider taking a leadership role in our industry by supporting our political involvement. With member support, our industry has taken huge strides to assist in contributing to industry friendly candidates. Additional funds help create a positive and friendly environment for business at the local state and federal levels of government. As our industry grows over the next few years, we will be watched closely by policy makers and are likely to see increased proposed regulations brought forward. We need to replenish funds to maintain our political muscle. Thank you in advance for your contribution.


Dues Breakdown & Calculation

The following outlines your dues based on the information above.  (Base + Unit + Community + $50 Application Fee)

Base Dues: $225.00

Unit Dues: $0.00

Community Dues: $0.00

Application Fee: $50.00

First Year Dues: $275.00

Optional Political Contribution: $0.00

Grand Total: $275.00