Building Cultures of Success (virtual)

Turn Daily Work Habits into Drivers for Success

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Wednesday, May 5, 2021
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (MDT)

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Learn how to R.A.M.P. up your company from the inside out

Want to know the secrets of turning your team’s daily work habits into a driver for success?

Whether you are a manager or a cultural leader, your actions have an impact on the values and habits in your company.

Join us as The Gators talk about how to:

  • Take your company culture back to the basics and build a strong foundation.
  • Get your team to BELIEVE in what they are doing.
  • Staff for the long-run.
  • Idealize your protocols and standards.
  • Turn small changes into big success.
Presented by:

Paul Regalado, Maximizing Strategist & Sales Manager 
Rebecca Moore, Activating Achiever & Marketing Manager

--Roof and Gutter Guys

Paul’s years in small-business consulting and management brings the expertise in this dynamic duo. As an explosive force at the Roof and Gutter Guys, he has been a leader of sustainable, positive culture change within the company. 

Rebecca’s background in personal maximization and training in small business development brings the flavor. During her, seemingly short, time with the Roof and Gutter Guys, she has brought about pivotal changes to the branding, social presence, and cultural dynamic of the organization.

The natural back-and-forth and confidence in the material makes their education fun to watch and easy to enjoy. You won’t want to miss this look into the success into one of the Front Range’s favorite service roofing companies.

Virtual Seminar Series Pricing

  • Single Admission | $49 per person 
  • Non-member Admisson | $79 per person 

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Virtual Seminar Series: What to Expect 

The all new AAMD virtual seminar series is going to bring you relevant information to help with your day-to-day job in the current climate. 

These are not your typical online classes. The Virtual Seminar Series will have a national speaker presenting information live in a virtual and interactive format. 

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