11 Ways to Virtually Engage with Your Residents

Posted By: Sarah Lukemire Management,

These days, we’re all spending a little bit more time at home, a little less time socializing, and a lot more time distracted by what’s happening in our world.

Navigating any crisis, including the COVID-19 pandemic, is challenging when we’re used to building a connected community. To keep a healthy perspective, we focus on controlling what we can, taking things day by day, embracing a positive mindset, and still (virtually) coming together as a community.

We plan to keep learning, listening, staying informed, and maintaining a routine as much as possible. Want to join us? Here are just a few amazing resources to utilize over the next few weeks to support yourself and your teams.

11 fun ways to virtually engage with residents:

  1. Share a recipe “roundup”: Poll your residents on the best baked thing they’ve made in quarantine and share the recipes with everyone.
  2. “People love to share photos of their pets more than anything! Send out an email newsletter encouraging residents to share a pet photo on social media and tag your apartment for a chance to win a prize. This call for photos increases engagement on your social channels and makes them feel valued – a true win, win.” – Lucy Falconer, Brindle Digital Marketing
  3. Instagram or Facebook Bingo! Share a Bingo card graphic and have residents check off all the things they’ve done.
  4. Hold a “guess how many” challenge … virtually. Snap a photo and encourage residents to make their best guess for a chance at claiming a prize (and bragging rights).
  5. Set up a curbside breakfast pickup! Actually, you can do this for any meal – or even an afternoon snack – and support a local restaurant while doing so!
  6. Host a virtual cocktail hour and invite participants to “join us on Zoom with your best mask!”
  7. Along those lines, do more of what you love to do – but add a virtual slant: Virtual coffee chats, a virtual dinner, or even a virtual book club.
  8. Offer a virtual subscription to an online fitness community as a giveaway (or perk to all residents).
  9. Host a virtual wine and paint night. Drop off supplies at residents’ doors and encourage them to share their paintings via social media and/or email.
  10. Arrange Netflix watch parties to get up to speed on the latest pop culture topics (“Tiger King” anyone?).
  11. Host group workouts live on your Facebook or Instagram accounts. Hire a professional Yoga, HIIT, or fitness instructor and broadcast to your community, share in e-newsletters, etc. It’s an awesome way to connect and a memorable perk of being a resident at your community.

Bottom line, take a part in the engaging game. Become the community that stands out and with this extra commitment to engagement. It will pay off in the long run!

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