Saddle Up With 2019-2020 AAMD President Scott Kirkwood

Posted By: Christopher Dean Leadership,


Born & Raised:
Front range of Colorado with ties to Chicago

Education Background: 
Inner city kid graduating from East High School attended both University of Northern Colorado and the University of Colorado in Boulder

Family / Pets:
Two cats (Dreamsicle and Mr. Tuffy), two dogs (Lady and Buster), two horses (Mr. Sony and Beau), My Friend 210 is a cow along with a herd full of other numbers, we quit giving the cows names because it made it too hard to say goodbye when it was their time

Favorite Restaurant:
Our wedding reception was at The Fort and it remains one of my favorites

Favorite Sport / Team:
The Rockies especially when they beat the Dodgers

Baking pies with a perfect crust combined with a unique filling like pear or blueberry

Favorite Music:
I am a big fan of Jimmy Vaughan, Stevie Ray’s older brother

Favorite Movie:
There is something magical about The Sound of Music

Favorite TV Show:
We just finished binge watching Game of Thrones

Who is the most famous person you've ever met?
Jimmy Vaughan late one night in Austin

How Would You Describe Your Management Style?
Try to be understanding and supportive

What is Your Primary Goal as AAMD President?
To give back to the Association through service

Who has had the most influence in your life?
My lovely wife Linda

What is the most fun you've had in your professional life?
Being with coworkers at a Board Retreat or Corporate outing

If you weren't working in the apartment (or related) industry, what would you be doing?
Ranching in the wide open spaces

Five Questions From Mike to Scott

This year, AAMD starts a new tradition where the past president asks the incoming present five questions for members to get to know them. Mike and Scott spent some time at Scott's ranch where they chatted and also filmed a short movie.

Mike: What do you see as the Association’s greatest need during your term? 

Scott: With the recent changes in the Government Affairs Department we have a chance to redefine staff member roles while pursuing a coordinated effort to confront legislative challenges to our industry.

What do you view as your greatest strength as a leader? 
When a difficult decision is needed the buck stops at my desk.

Twelve months from now what do you hope to have achieved?
It is so important to identify and develop the next wave of AAMD leaders.

What do you do to blow off steam?
Besides a stiff drink, a pasture full of cattle is hard to beat.

If you could permanently change something for the better, what would it be?
I would be a much better dancer.