Thank You for the Last Five Years

Posted By: Jared Miller Leadership,

For the past five years, I've had the honor of deeply engaging with the Apartment Association of Metro Denver. Unlike some associations that primarily focus on social events, AAMD is dedicated to driving impact and value by fostering relationships, providing education, taking legislative action, and offering support to industry professionals, including owners, managers, and supplier partners.

Upon assuming the role of president at AAMD, I outlined three key areas of focus:

  1. Increase Involvement and Drive Engagement: Recognizing the desire of long-tenured leaders to stay involved while passing the torch to the next generation, we introduced a mentor role in 2023. This role facilitates ongoing support from experienced leaders to new AAMD leadership, welcoming fresh ideas, and enthusiasm. This change has sparked renewed interest in serving AAMD.
  2. Balance Education and Events: While social activities are enjoyable, attracting and retaining new talent in our industry requires a balance between education and engagement. AAMD has successfully adjusted its calendar to accommodate newcomers and seasoned professionals alike. An example of this is the return of the Economic Conference as an in-person event.
  3. Continue Progress and Drive Impact: AAMD has over 20 committees, each with a specific focus, ranging from inclusion & diversity to engaging new talent. Each committee has set clear goals for 2023- 2024, with progress reported at board meetings. The aim is to build on past successes and explore new avenues.


Personally, my gratitude extends to everyone I've met through AAMD, as these relationships have profoundly impacted my life. In October 2023, my tenure at RedPeak concluded, and while considering various opportunities I remained involved with AAMD. Recently, I accepted a role requiring relocation. After much consideration and numerous conversations with Executive Vice Priesident Mark Williams, thinking about what is right for our members and the AAMD staff, thinking about how critical it is to be present – especially in an election year as we fight overregulation, I decided the optimal solution is for me to stepdown as president. I wanted to prioritize the association's needs over my own desire to remain involved.

The transition has been carefully orchestrated with Mark and the board. Amie Robertshaw is returning to the president's seat and Angie Fletcher is stepping back into the past president role. This ensures stability and minimal disruption.

I am immensely proud to have worked alongside the board, volunteer leaders, AAMD staff, and members.

As my partner and I embark on our next chapter, we will be relocating to Chicago where I've accepted a COO role at a company that likely won’t initially sound familiar, but I hope to change that. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and the industry. I am forever grateful.