The Next BIG Idea: Elevating Customer Experience: From Impressions to WOW Moments

Posted By: Erica Sanchez Leadership,

The customer experience (CX) journey, from initial tour to move-out, directly impacts the bottom line. In an era of unprecedented unit deliveries, enticing amenities, and economic challenges, creating exceptional CX is nonnegotiable.


The story of Joshie the Giraffe at Ritz-Carlton serves as a shining example of exceeding customer expectations. I love telling this story when I am wanting to bring some extra motivation to a team. The Hurn’s family got back home from their vacation only to find that their youngest son’s giraffe was left behind at the hotel.

The Ritz Carlton called Mr. Hurn to let him know that the giraffe had been found and they would send him home. Going beyond retrieving a forgotten toy, the Ritz-Carlton crafted a memorable experience by documenting Joshie's time at the hotel. The Ritz- Carlton sent Joshie back home along with a binder of photos to the family showing him having a "spa day", relaxing by the pool, helping security with their tasks and driving a golf cart to some much-needed beach adventures. This is a great example of not only creating a great customer experience but exceeding it.

In a previous professional endeavor, I had the privilege of implementing the Ritz-Carlton experience at one of our client's properties. Through tailored training and workshops, our teams embraced the best practices synonymous with the Ritz-Carlton brand. The result was a transformative culture of excellence, where our teams consistently delivered memorable moments week after week.


Fueled by authenticity and empowerment, our teams became adept at handling diverse customer issues effectively. The infusion of the Ritz- Carlton ethos elevated our customer service to unparalleled heights, leaving a lasting impression on residents and fostering a culture of excellence that resonated throughout the property. 


The Joshie the Giraffe story, coupled with the successful integration of Ritz-Carlton's principles into our own operations, underscores the transformative power of customercentric approaches.

By going above and beyond, we not only create great customer experiences but indelible memories that define the essence of exceptional service.


The challenge for 2024 is clear: What WOW moments are you creating for both residents and team members? Will you come up with the next BIG idea?

In the multifamily industry, the freedom to be creative is a powerful asset. It enables the implementation of new ideas, thinking beyond conventional boundaries, and fostering a culture of spontaneity. As we navigate the challenges of 2024, let's introduce fresh concepts and create WOW moments that resonate, leaving lasting impressions. In the multifamily housing industry, let's ensure those feelings are filled with inspiration, innovation, and unparalleled customer delight. The world is at your fingertips!