Chili Cookoff 2022 Results


Congratulations to the finalists and winners of our 2022 Chili Cookoff! It was great to be back in person and INSIDE RediCarpet's warehouse as usual.  Thanks to Redi for being our amazing host sponsors for so many years!


Check out Pictures from the Event!


People's Choice Awards:


Hottest (Yet Still Edible)
  • Honorable Mention: Doorside
  • 2nd Place: Redpeak
  • 1st Place: Rapid Restoration
Most Creative (Yet Still Edible)
  • Honorable Mention: Redpeak
  • 2nd Place: All Phase Restoration
  • 1st Place: AMLI Residential
Best Costume
  • Honorable Mention: AMLI Residential
  • Honorable Mention: Asset Living
  • 2nd Place: First Onsite
  • 1st Place: Real Floors
Best Booth 
  • Honorable Mention: Career Strategies
  • Honorable Mention: All Phase Restoration
  • 2nd Place: Mighty Plumbing
  • 1st Place: Asset Living
Best Culinary Expression 
  • Honorable Mention: BluSky Restoration
  • Honorable Mention: FASTSIGNS
  • 2nd Place: RediCarpet
  • 1st Place: AMLI Residential


Overall Chili Awards

Overall Red Chili
  • Wyatts Towing
  • Rapid Restoartion
  • Redi Carpet
  • BluSky Restoration
  • Winner: Real Floors
Overall Green Chili
  • Commercial Restoration Company
  • CORT Furniture Rental
  • AMLI Residential
  • AP Restoration
  • Winner: Express Mulching


Asset Living (1st Place Best Booth)
Rapid Restoration (1st Place Hottest Chili)

AMLI Residential (1st Place Culinary Expression & Most Creative)

Real Floors (1st Place Best Costume & Red Chili)

Express Mulching (1st Place Green Chili)