Muli-Sensory Marketing for the Jack of All Trades

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Most of us must have heard the term "Jack of All Trades" at some point in our careers. However, it is essential to note that the abbreviated version of the phrase can be perceived as offensive. In reality, the original phrase was attributed to none other than William Shakespeare himself. The complete saying goes as follows: "a jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one." This was originally intended as a compliment, and it still holds significance today.

Even though the phrase "Jack of all trades, master of none" may now describe someone with only surface-level knowledge across several areas, it is still important to acknowledge the potential benefits of possessing a diverse range of skills and interests. 

How Multi-Sensory Marketing Plays a Role

In fact, this concept is especially relevant in the world of multi-sensory marketing, where success often depends on being able to engage with consumers through a variety of channels. By keeping in mind the potential benefits of being a "Jack of all trades" in this context, we can better understand why multi-sensory marketing is such a useful tool in our industry.

As multi-family housing professionals, your main goal is to create a welcoming and engaging environment that entices prospects and residents to choose your property over others. One way to achieve this is through multi-sensory marketing, which is the use of multiple sensory inputs to create a memorable and impactful experience.

Our five senses constantly supply information to our brains. Different parts of the brain process this information and help us make sense of the world. By leveraging this knowledge, multi-sensory marketing can drive consumer behavior and create a lasting impression on your prospects and residents.

Do you recall the delicious Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies? How does the mere thought of them make you feel? And do you remember those times when you walked into a leasing office and were welcomed by the warm, enticing aroma of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies? Can you still picture the reactions of prospective and current residents who walked in the door and were instantly captivated by the irresistible scent? With a smile on their faces, they would reach for a cookie and savor the delightful combination of dark sugar and chocolate that tantalized their taste buds.

Let's take a closer look at how you can incorporate multi-sensory marketing to give the best experience to your prospects and future residents; and host the best resident events.


VISION is perhaps the most obvious sense to target, as visuals are often the first thing
that people notice when they enter a space. A visually appealing property can make a great first impression on prospects and residents alike.

To make the most of this sense, you should focus on creating a cohesive visual aesthetic throughout your property. This can include color schemes, artwork, and signage that reflect your brand and create a welcoming atmosphere. Consider investing in professional photography and virtual tours to showcase your property in the best possible light.


HEARING is another sense that can have a significant impact on consumer behavior. Music can evoke emotions and set the tone for an experience. Think about the kind of atmosphere you want to create for your residents and choose music accordingly. Soft, mellow tunes can create a relaxing ambiance, while upbeat music can encourage a lively atmosphere.

Consider incorporating soundscapes into your marketing strategy as well. These can include audio recordings of the sounds of nature, such as birds chirping or waves crashing, which can create a calming effect and enhance the overall experience. Build on the brand of the property and have fun with music.


SMELL is closely linked to our emotions and memories. Pleasant scents can create a positive association with your property and make it more memorable to your prospects and residents.

Consider using scent diffusers throughout your property, particularly in communal areas such as the lobby, hallways, model, or lounge. Choose scents that are subtle and pleasing to a wide range of people, such as lavender or citrus. You can also consider incorporating scent into your marketing materials, such as using scented postcards to promote resident events.


TASTE may not be an obvious sense to target in a multi-sensory marketing strategy, but it can be a powerful tool in creating a memorable experience. Offering food and drink at resident events can create a sense of community and encourage social interaction among residents.

Consider partnering with local vendors or catering companies to offer unique and memorable food options. You can also consider hosting tasting events or offering samples of local cuisine to give prospects a taste of the local culture or a culture from afar.


TOUCH can be an effective way to create a memorable experience. This can include everything from the texture of fabrics to the temperature of a room. Incorporate tactile elements into your property design, such as soft furnishings and textured walls. You can also consider offering touch-based experiences, such as massage chairs or tactile art installations.