TJ Talks | Are You Following Up?

Posted By: TJ Beaver Sales & Leasing, Supplier Partners First,

One of the biggest issues that I tend to see with a lot of sales reps is a lack of follow up and even follow through if you want to call it that. We’ll get out, we’ll meet the customer, we’ll make a relationship, we’ll find out what they need, we’ll put a bid together, we’ll send it to them and then we move on and we go on to something else.

Then six months later the customer reaches back out to us and says, “hey, we haven't heard from you, is this bid still good?”

It's been my opinion that nobody should ever have to ask me twice to take their money. If they are asking you for a bid that's the first time they're saying “we want to give you our money.” From then on you should be the one following up. Now whether that’s weekly, monthly or quarterly -that's up to you.  You're going to have to identify what your customer needs and how often you need to be in front of them to keep that project active and really get some answers.

Sending your customer a bid and then never following up is a waste of time. Our job as sales reps is to get the sale and that means follow up. So, take my advice, don't let too much time lapse in between contacts especially on an active customer; somebody who you have a bid with. I guarantee you you will start to close more jobs and that's what it's all about. See how that goes for you.

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