TJ Talks | It’s a Small World

Posted By: TJ Beaver Sales & Leasing, Supplier Partners First,

Let's discuss organic growth or word of mouth marketing. It is the cheapest, sometimes the easiest, sometimes the hardest way to market your business and I would personally say the most impactful. You will develop a reputation in any industry that you’re working in. Whenever you have a good interaction with somebody hopefully they will tell their friends; which will in turn generate more business.

On the flip side of that is when you make a mistake or you leave a bad interaction with somebody. They will absolutely tell everyone they know about their bad interaction. Any body that’s ever been online and read any reviews for any business knows negative spreads much, much faster and further than positive. So with that in mind work really, really hard at developing these good positive interactions; even with clients that you’re not gonna do business with because you never know who they are going to talk to.

Today as a matter of fact I walked into a friend's place of business and turns out he was talking with somebody who I had met three weeks ago. I was trying to earn their business. Because they and I had had this positive interaction it reflected well that I knew this person that she was trying to get business from. So just keep in mind how small a world it is and how fast that stuff can spread. Again, remember the negative spreads way faster than the positive. Work really hard at leaving every interaction you go into on a positive note. It can be done even when there is a mistake; just keep that in mind. Word travels. As always we appreciate any feedback you give us, any topic recommendations. Please like, follow and subscribe to the youtube channel. Again, we are trying to grow something here, so we appreciate any help and as always have a great week!

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