TJ Talks | What Do You Do When The Day Sucks?

Posted By: TJ Beaver Sales & Leasing, Supplier Partners First,

Sitting outside of a property right now. Been out cold calling and anybody that does this sort of work knows what it's like when you get shut down a lot. You have that day kind of, call it a “No” day. Right? You get nowhere. You’re not talking to anybody. Nobody's giving you the time of day and it really kills the motivation and the drive. It starts putting you in a real negative space.

So, what do you do when that happens? What I have always done that has worked for me; I have those customers, clients or people; that I call “safe places.” They might not give you a lot of business. You might not make much money from them, but they're always friendly, they're always positive. You know they're always going to take a minute or two to talk to you. I kind of got it mapped out throughout my different territories and if I'm having one of these “no” days or where I’m getting shut down a lot and it's really killing my ego; I stop in at one of these safe spaces. What that is is it’s a quick little reset to give me a good boost in morale and lets me walk out of there with my head high, reset, going back to the grind and I might still get shut down after that; I might not. Who knows? But it definitely changes my attitude and all of this and anything sort of sales or customer service it’s all attitude driven. You got a positive attitude and things tend to work out well. You sort of start getting negative and it really hurts and you feel it.

That's kind of what I'm saying is find these safe spaces. Develop these relationships. And these good places you can go to sort of get that positive boost maybe it's a Starbucks. I don't know you need a little mochachino or whatever it is to get you going back at it. But don't give up. Don't stop just because you're having a bad day. It doesn't mean that every interaction is going to be bad. Even if one out of ten is positive; that's still one more closer to your goal of hitting your budget or your number. Whatever it is you're looking for. Keep at it guys! Don't give up. I know things are tough right now but it's going to get better. So keep your head up and find your safe space.

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