4 Smart Technologies to Incorporate into Your Apartment Community


When it comes to making a house a smart house, homeowners have the option to install things like smart thermostats, smart security cameras, and smart doorbells. However, renters have fewer options when it comes to making their home smart. Therefore, they will be more inclined to rent in an apartment community that already offers smart technologies. Smart homes and smart apartments are increasing in popularity all over the world.  These technologies have the power to make your resident’s lives easier and more efficient. As the Digital Age progresses, you should consider incorporating more smart technology into your apartment units. Smart technologies have vast benefits for both you and your residents. You have the potential to make more money as renters will be more attracted to your apartment complex that offers modern technology. Likewise, you will be able to charge more rent because you offer state-of-the-art smart technologies. For the resident, his or her life will be easier, more convenient, and in some cases, more eco-friendly and energy efficient. With that being said, here are some smart technologies to consider investing in:


Smart lighting is perhaps one of the most practical forms of smart technology to invest in for your apartment units and common areas. Smart lighting is easy to use and can help you save money and energy. Smart lighting can work with any kind of lighting and can be operated from an app on one's mobile device. Your residents can download the app and sync it to their lighting systems and they will have the ability to turn lights on and off from the touch of a button on their mobile devices. This kind of lighting is especially beneficial for safety purposes which will make your property more enticing. For example, seniors can turn lights on from their mobile devices without having to move; thus eliminating the risk of them injuring themselves in the dark. Or, people that live alone can turn on their lights from remote locations so they feel safe as they walk in. People will feel safer knowing that their apartment offers this kind of technology and will be more likely to rent with you.


Smart kitchen appliances employ technologies that will make your apartment homes more attractive to potential renters for a number of reasons. The most notable being that smart kitchen appliances will make life easier for the renter and will potentially give them the opportunity to save money and energy. Some smart kitchen appliances to consider investing in in your apartment properties are: » Smart dishwashers » Smart refrigerators » Smart freezers » Smart microwaves Smart appliances are cutting edge and will make your apartment more enticing and equally as efficient to renters. 


Smart thermostats are an outstanding investment to consider installing into your apartment homes. They give your residents the ability to control the temperature of their space from an app on their mobile devices even when they are in remote places and allow them to control the temperature of their home when they leave the house and before they get home. They are also of course beneficial for the
comfort of your residents, and will allow them to save money and energy by turning the air conditioner up as they leave for work in the morning and then back down while on their commute home. Smart thermostats are a technological innovation that environmental and financially savvy renters are looking for.


Smart locks can give your residents the ability to lock or unlock their apartment from their mobile devices. Smart locks also monitor door status and activity history, and receive notifications about lock activity. The two main benefits of adding smart locks to your property include safety and convenience. This modern technology will help residents
feel safe and secure while living at your community. They will be able to rest easy knowing that they can always check that their door is locked- a great technology for people that often go out the door so fast they forget whether or not they locked it. Likewise, smart locks will make the lives of renters easier as they can unlock the door when the park; this is especially great after grocery shopping or when children are involved.


While smart technologies are still evolving to become smarter and more attractive to the modern consumer, they are also becoming easier to install, simpler to maintain, and more cost effective to implement and replace when needed. It’s also important to note that you don’t need to go all-in on smart technologies and purchase everything for everyone at once.  Start small, such as replacing old thermostats when you turn the units or incorporating smart locks one floor or building at a time.   Just don’t miss out on smart technology – they are a big amenity that residents are looking for to match up with their lifestyle and their home.