TJ Talks | Don’t Just Dismiss the Pessimist

Posted By: TJ Beaver Sales & Leasing, Supplier Partners First,

Have you ever walked into an office or worked in an environment with somebody who is just an absolute pessimist? They are negative about everything. Any input they give is why something won't work or why something is a bad idea. But, they never come up with a reason why something could work.

Now number one, if you've never known somebody like that then, there's a good chance that you are that person. So, let’s all take a second and do a quick gut check and make sure you're not them. You don't have to just ignore these people. There is potentially some positive that could come out of this person aside from dragging down the entire office. They can also help expose potential flaws or things to pay attention to in your plans that might be off your radar. Yes, they absolutely hurt the morale of the team and everybody that's around. Do your best to change that; especially if you are that person. Start by not saying anything negative for 20 minutes and then try 30 minutes. Whatever that takes to get you out of that habit.

But, if you’ve got somebody like that in your team in addition to trying to get them to be more positive, pay attention to their negative. Remove the emotion out of it. Look at the feedback and ask yourself “does it have any actual merit to it?” We all know that person. Just trying to give you some ideas on how to manage with it. How did it benefit you as well? As always guys; please like, comment and subscribe. Again, we thank you for reaching out to us. You know TJ talks are starting to grow and get bigger and that's thanks to you guys! Have a great week.

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